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London, 22 November 2023 – Kepler Partners has unveiled plans to launch a new medium-term trend following UCITS fund next month, in partnership with BH-DG Systematic Trading LLP (“BH-DG”), a London based hedge fund manager.

BH-DG was established in 2010 as a joint venture between David Gorton and Brevan Howard to pursue systematic trading strategies. BH-DG’s establishment represented an expansion of the systematic trading business originally developed under Gorton in 2006 within an affiliate of the firm. BH-DG focuses on medium-term trend following, with a strong emphasis on liquidity, risk control and deep research combined with real world trading experience. The team of 37 people is headquartered in London and manages $2.1bn AUM in systematic assets*.

At the core of the firm’s systematic trend following strategy is applying real life macro trading experience to capture medium-term trend opportunities present in liquid global markets. The strategy combines multiple complementary approaches to capture medium-term trends across Equity Indices, Fixed Income, Foreign Exchange and Commodities, trading approx. 130 markets globally.

The strategy aims to deliver diversification benefits for a typical institutional portfolio that are uncorrelated to the main asset classes. To achieve this, BH-DG continuously research price information within financial markets with the aim of developing the best techniques for extracting alpha from medium-term market trends.

Tom Trotter, Partner at Kepler Partners commented, “We are delighted to be launching BH-DG’s Systematic Trading strategy in UCITS format, at a time when investors are rightly scrutinising their hedge fund allocations and looking for true diversifiers to complement their existing exposure.”

David Gorton, Chief Investment Officer of BH-DG added: “Kepler’s ethos aligns well with our core values of integrity, excellence and investor focus. Accordingly, we are very pleased to be working together to serve UCITS investors seeking diversification and decorrelation in their portfolios.”

*Figures correct as at 31 October 2023. Staff and AUM are shared across BH-DG and its affiliates. BH-DG is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Commodity trading involves substantial risk of loss.


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Other funds on the KLS platform
The new launch joins six existing alternative sub-funds on the KLS Platform: KLS Arete Macro, KLS Athos Event Driven, KLS Corinium Emerging Markets All Weather, KLS Ionic Relative Value Arbitrage, KLS Scopia Market Neutral Equity Fund and KLS Niederhoffer Smart Alpha UCITS. In addition, there are two long only equity funds on the KLS Platform: KLS Corinium Emerging Markets Equity and KLS SGA US Large Cap Growth.

About Kepler Partners LLP
Kepler Partners has been active in the alternative UCITS space since 2009, and has witnessed at first hand the development of this universe of funds.

In 2016 we launched our UCITS platform, Kepler Liquid Strategies ICAV, with the express aim of partnering with best-in-class alternative managers to launch and distribute their UCITS strategies to our network of investors.

Our approach to manager selection is underpinned by a rigorous research process, central to which is our fund database www.absolutehedge.com. This research database is designed as a central point of reference for both managers and allocators interested in the alternative UCITS universe and forms a key part of our manager selection and product design process.

To bring our research to life we host a wide range of conferences designed to drive engagement with the buyers of alternative UCITS funds in both the UK and Europe.

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